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This simple little maneuver is easy enough to justify doing it just for vacuuming the carpet and collecting loose change.  Yet most folks have never taken out their seats.  If your seat suddenly gets stuck it's usually a coin stuck in the rail.

Remove T-tops for more room to lift seats out of car.  Remove floor mats. 

Slide seat all the way back and remove the two 14mm bolts at the front corners.

Slide seat all the way forward and move seat back forward, then remove these two 14 mm bolts and washers.  Yeah, the carpet is dirty.  That's why the seats are coming out.

Tilt or carefully lift the seat just a little bit off the floorpan to undo the electrical connector under the seat.  Even the passenger seat has an electrical connector for the seat belt alarm.  I leave my passsenger side unplugged since I can tell in one second by looking at my passenger if he or she is buckled up.  Plus, this makes taking the seat in and out easier in the future. 

Lift the seat out of the car with the seat back forward.  Grab the bottom of the seat back with one hand, and underneath the front edge of the seat with the other.  Watch your back. The driver's seat is a lot heavier because of its power equipment.

This is the stuff.  I prefer the plain spray can without the plastic scrubber top.  I have a soft brush I like to use separately.  This stuff can get your carpet and pseudo-suede interior looking nearly new, and smelling great without being overwhelming.  Try this and you'll be hooked.  I get mine at Wal-Mart.

Another reason for taking out the  passenger seat is is to hide stereo equipment.  I used the carpet hidden under my passenger seat as a donar site for a carpet hole repair.   The front of the car is to the right side of the picture.

After you reposition the seats for installation, thread all the nuts and bolts in place before tightening any of them.