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Thanks for saving my Z.  I could not find a reliable mechanic.  I thought I had to sell my Z.  After going through a few of the fixes you explained in detail, I got my car up and running again.  I surprised myself that I could do it . . . thanks to your help.  Mike

"Love the great tech section.  Learned a lot from it and I thought I knew quite a bit already since I rebuilt my own Z engine"  Bernabe

"Wow, GREAT PAGE!  I'm a Mercedes tech and I never worked on a Z before but you make it effortless to understand. Good work!"  Tony

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"Just wanted to say thanks for all of your work.  I have read pretty much every page on your site." Jason

"You have built a wonderful URL and I wanted to congratulate you on your fine work.  Thanks for adding to the Z experience."  Ferdinand

"I stumbled across your site about 2 hours ago and I haven't stopped reading. You are very informative without all the cockiness."  Roalh.

Thanks for all the info, hours of pure enjoyment!  Yew

Your Stereo Installation article was GREAT. I replaced the entire system on my 1993 300ZX and I had fun doing it.  Roussell

"Love your page. Lots of information all in one place.  After 20 years in the military, my wife says a Z will be my retirement present. Again, great page."  Piper

"G'day mate, just like to say your tech articles are bloody awesome."  Rimes

I put a link to your site on my z32 restoration page so my fellow newbies can see how things should be done!"  Ferguson

Best Z resource page out there.  Articles are easy to read, informative, and very easy to follow.  I have done the AIV, PRVR, and CC removal/bypass succesfully thanks to this page.  Keep up the good work.  Mark 

This is by far the best z32 site I have EVER seen.  Denver

Your writeup saved me at least a couple hundred dollars.  Atnip

When I got my car back from the shop it was throwing a code 34 for the detonation sensor.  The mechanic had mistakenly switched my VTC and detonation sensor connectors as explained in your Connectors write-up.  Harv 

Your tech support page for the temperature gauge worked perfectly. Keep up the good work!  Paolo

I have consistently found answers on your site that I couldn't find anywhere else.  Travis 

I am stunned with all the detailed information you have amassed on this site.  Kevin

Your knowledge and explanations have been priceless to my efforts in rebuilding and restoring my Z.  Jon

Screw you!  James Ogas, ASE Certified Master Technician
Automotive Technology Instructor