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Because of its old age, I did not trust the OEM can of compressed air in the spare wheel well any longer. The aftermarket Fix-A-Flats don’t work well for two big reasons – they don’t contain enough air and they spray liquid goop all over the inside of your "spacesaver" spare wheel and tire. Been there, done that. So I got rid of these

and bought one of these instead

portable air compressor

from here

Harbor Freight

for about $20 including shipping.

Then I bought this

from the auto parts store for five bucks.

Everything fits in the spare wheel well where the canister used to be, and the tire still fits over all of it with room to spare (pun intended).  The spare tire does not fit over my aftermarket big brakes in front, so carrying my spare is a futile effort for any flats in the front. 

Some of you may have been around cars long enough to remember that this type of tire repair kit used to be the way commercial garages fixed all tubeless punctures. Now, because of federal regulations, garages can’t use this “plug” type of tire repair anymore. They have to remove the tire from the wheel and patch it from the inside.         But the patch kits (with refills) are still sold to the public. Draw your own conclusions.  With an air compressor and kit like this in my car at all times, I will be able to repair most flats, however rare, on the side of the road without using my spare. Carrying the spare could even be considered optional if you’re trying to put your Z on a diet.

I recommend AAA with the Plus upgrade which gets the driver 100 miles free towing per breakdown.  The regular AAA memebership only gives five miles free towing before a per mile charge is added.