1995 z32 TT
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Accent Stripe
AIV Delete
Badgeless Rear Panel
Battery Optima Red Top
Big Brakes
Boost Gauge
Boost Sensor Hose
Boost Jets
Brake Idiot Light
Brake Master Cylinder
Butterfly Throttle Body
Carbon Canister Delete
Carpet Hole Repair
Center Console Removal
Classified ad
Clutch MC and Bleed
Cone Air Filter Placement
Connectors Under Hood
Delete & Bypass
Dyno Runs
Earthing Kit
Engine Pull
EGR Delete
Front Fascia
Fuel Line Clamps
Funky Fuses
Gear Shift Knob
Hatch Lock Stuck
Hella Horns
Hood Squeak
Idle Air Adjustment
Injector Dremel
Injector Testing
Interior Hatch Trim Repair
Jacking Car
Manual Boost Controller
Molding Replacement
Nose Panel
Parking Brake
Plenum Pull
PRVR Removal and Bypass
Pressure Wash
Radiator Hard Pipe Leak
Radiator Howe
Rear Interior Trim
Robo's Rules of Z-Dom
Seat Removal
Shock Install
Spare Tire
Speedometer 180 mph
Stereo Installation
Taillights JDM
Temperature Gauge
Throttle Sticking
Vacuum Lines
When TT.net Goes Down
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My life has no meaning,
without turbos, and screening
Zzzzz's on TT.net.
I post and don't sweat,
noob circles are teeming,
veterans are steaming,
admin is deleting,
my attention was fleeting.

Until the server went down.
My soul aimlessly wound
around town
I drove, stopping to refresh
see same screen, scream again,
and wonder about
those I've never met
but in the end seem like friends,
at least the kind
you don't mind
at a distance.

Forums forsaken,
in withdrawal from
any semblance of Z
Then the server kicked in
reversed my chagrin,
back on track
with the facts
from General and Tech;
the warm glow of familiar jargon.

Search may not be perfect
(learn how to work it),
those post ho's who knows shows,
sh*t flows.  So goes
the path we make
and pretend not to
take--notice that
the life we live on-line 
is our own. 
Keeping it Z-related?

That a web site has become
the singular expression
through posting and refreshing
my hobby
my identity
my lobby
my serendipity
is either the best or worst
thing that has blessed or cursed
me, that I can remember.
Thank Gawd for TT.net.