1995 z32 TT
1992 z32 TT
Accent Stripe
AIV Delete
Badgeless Rear Panel
Battery Optima Red Top
Big Brakes
Boost Gauge
Boost Sensor Hose
Boost Jets
Brake Idiot Light
Brake Master Cylinder
Butterfly Throttle Body
Carbon Canister Delete
Carpet Hole Repair
Center Console Removal
Classified ad
Clutch MC and Bleed
Cone Air Filter Placement
Connectors Under Hood
Delete & Bypass
Dyno Runs
Earthing Kit
Engine Pull
EGR Delete
Front Fascia
Fuel Line Clamps
Funky Fuses
Gear Shift Knob
Hatch Lock Stuck
Hella Horns
Hood Squeak
Idle Air Adjustment
Injector Dremel
Injector Testing
Interior Hatch Trim Repair
Jacking Car
Manual Boost Controller
Molding Replacement
Nose Panel
Parking Brake
Plenum Pull
PRVR Removal and Bypass
Pressure Wash
Radiator Hard Pipe Leak
Radiator Howe
Rear Interior Trim
Robo's Rules of Z-Dom
Seat Removal
Shock Install
Spare Tire
Speedometer 180 mph
Stereo Installation
Taillights JDM
Temperature Gauge
Throttle Sticking
Vacuum Lines
When TT.net Goes Down
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"Straight-line acceleration is probably the first aspect of automotive performance that any intelligent driver gets bored with."  Peter Gregg 

  • Any day your Z is running strong is a good day
  • Better is the enemy of good
  • Be ready to drop $1000 at any time on your Z
  • The more work you can do yourself, the happier you will be
  • Buy a factory service manual, if you can find one
  • Driving three hours one-way to a good Z mechanic is worth it
  • Don't try to strip your Z down, lose weight instead
  • A ten pound loss roughly gains one horsepower
  • A temporal association does not prove cause and effect
  • The best year Z made is the best shape Z you can find
  • All Z's are haunted by gremlins
  • When in doubt, use Search on TT.net
  • You are driving a 10+ year old high-performance car, things will break
  • Old timing belts have looked brand new, except for the spot where they were broken in two
  • The car does not make the man, the man owns the car
  • Do not unecessarily increase the number of moving parts 
  • Reduce the number of moving parts whenever feasible
  • Oil additives are temporary solutions at best 
  • Don't take your Z too seriously, it's just a car. 
  • Don't underestimate the pure pleasure of bone stock
  • Wave at your fellow Z drivers (240-350 and Inifiniti G35)
  • Don't get your undies in a bunch if a Z driver doesn't wave back
  • The most important part of a house is the garage
  • Keeping track of the cost of your mods is pointless
  • You say knock, I say tick - a sound is worth a thousand words
  • All ticks and knocks deserve a pull of the timing belt cover
  • Boost jet size = spark plug gap (don't ask me why)
  • A 50 HP gain deserves a .004" decrease in spark plug gap
  • If your car hesitates or stumbles, first try different gas
  • Fuel injector cc size roughly equals the engine HP the injectors can support
  • Tires and exhaust were not meant to be pretty
  • Buy a Dremel tool
  • A clean engine is nice, a good running engine is better
  • Toluene is good
  • When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses before zebras
  • These three things will make your turbos last forever:
               Change oil at least every 3000 miles, preferably with synthetic.
After a cold start, don't boost until your oil pressure drops to normal.
Don't boost during the last five minutes of a drive.  If you must boost near the end of a drive, let the car idle for a few minutes before shutting off the engine.  Or you can buy a turbo timer, but I hate those things :c)
  • Pulling the engine is easier than changing the spark plugs (not really)
  • Investigate, don't ignore, any new sound coming from your Z
  • Flow through a pipe is inversely related to the FOURTH power of the radius
  • Physics rules all
  • Knowing what you don't know is harder than knowing what you do know
  • See one, do one, teach one
  • Those who can, do, those who cannot, teach 
  • If you won't try then I must scry
  • Caveat emptor, especially when buying on the Internet
  • The problem with opinions on style is that not all style is opinion
  • Resistance of a right angle bend in an exhaust pipe = 15 feet of straight pipe
  • The left O2 sensor is 1/2 the price of the right, but the left fits both sides
  • Don't swerve to miss any animal smaller than a miniature horse
  • Around here, drivers side is left, passenger is right
  • Get back to me when you know the difference between an A/F and A/R ratio
  • Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler
  • Not everything that can be counted counts
  • Not everything that counts can be counted

The last three lines are quotes from Albert Einstein