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Very special 1992 Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo, two seater, manual five-speed. Red with charcoal leather interior, T-tops.
Female owned, Florida car, cream puff, babied for the first 86,000 miles of its life, confirmed by CarFax report, when I bought it.  Receipts for all the oil changes.  I am a middle aged professional who treated it with the same amount of care except that I modified the car as my hobby with a few simple goals in mind: Keep it reliable and driveable, while improving the handling and horsepower.  The result is a Porsche-stomping, Corvette-chomping, world-class sports car that you can drive for months on the road and not see another one like it.

The stock air intake was replaced with a high- flow reusable Jim Wolf Technologies (JWT) cone air filter. I invested over $2000 into a 3 inch dual stainless steel exhaust with high flow cats that is street legal.  The exhaust note is mellow and deep without being obnoxious or timid.   

The car can be serviced at the local Nissan dealer and in fact, they know the car extremely well. The mechanic there has told me it was the nicest and most "hooked up" twin turbo Z he has seen in this area.  This car has made everyone's all-time top-ten lists in stock form, with a 300 horsepower V-6 engine, four-wheel variable power steering, and an electronic adjustable shocks that can be switched on the fly between "touring" and "sport."  

The springs, sway bars, and bushings have all been upgraded.  The brakes are anti-lock, four-wheel disc.  The front discs were replaced with massive, Brembo 12.75" slotted rotors that are OEM on the newer, Nissan 350Z Track model.  All the brake lines are Goodridge stainless steel.  The brake pads are Hawk HPS High Performance Street.  This car will stop on a dime.   

The stock turbochargers have been replaced by Jim Wolf Technologies (JWT) 530 BB turbos.  The exhaust manifolds are also aftermarket and have been Jet Hot coated.  The engine has an upgraded EPROM chip  (the car's central computer) also by JWT, that has safely allowed the boost on the twin turbochargers to be turned up from a stock setting of 9.5 psi to a ferocious 17 psi, using a Hallman Manual Boost Controller.  The upgraded chip also eliminated the electronic speed controller and raised the RPM limiter to 7750 RPM's.    

To safely support the increased boost, the car has Nismo 555cc fuel injectors, and larger, Greddy side-mounted intercoolers.  The drivetrain has been lightened and upgraded with an Unorthodox Racing underdrive crank pulley, JUN Chromoly flywheel, Z1 Motorsports stainless steel one-piece drive shaft, and a SouthBend Feramic clutch that was cyrogenically treated for longevity.   The car also has a heavy duty Howe racing radiator and a maintenance free, Optima Red Top battery.
      The car's charcoal leather and suede interior looks great.  Everything is stock on the inside except for an aftermarket stereo with an Alpine CD/MP3 player, a Rockford Fosgate 4-channel amplifier that is hidden under the passenger seat, and Infinity component speakers in the stock locations.  Also, there is a Level 3 short shifter with JDM leather shift knob with red stitching, and red leather shift boot and E-brake cover.  

There are some very subtle and tasteful exterior mods.  I installed a Kaminari rear wing with 60 LED third brakelight, to replace the stock one that had water rot.  The custom nose panel is vented.   The car has front "Japanese Domestic Market" clear corner turn signals, and JDM "clear" rear taillights.  

All the stock badges, emblems and decals have been removed, giving the car a "stealth mode" appearance that keeps most people guessing.  I have told many casual observers that the car is a Ferrari and they do not bat an eyelash.   

The wheels are alloy 5-spoke SSR GT1's and bigger than stock, at 18X9" rear and 17X8" front.  Tires are high performance Sumitomos,  massively wide and sticky. 

I have spent over $XXXXX in performance mods on the car that it didn't even need.  The car is as easy to work on as the day I bought it. It runs like new.

Compression on all cylinders is within factory specs.  The car now makes a dyno proven, XXX horsepower and over XXX foot-pounds of torque.  The engine purrs, and does not leak a drop of fluid. 

The car speaks for itself.  The car is clean, has air conditioning, cruise control, T-tops.  No tire kickers or folks that haven't got the dough-re-mi in cash ready to spend.  You may or may not get to take it for a test drive.  This car is tame enough for a daily driver, but a wild-child could wrap it around a pole in a heartbeat. Zero to 60 mph is in the low four seconds and the car handles like it is on rails.  You cannot reach top speed on the street, but the car will make 175+ mph top end. 
Price is $XXXXX - SOLD