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There are not many style changes that can be done to improve the appearance of a z32, but this is one of them.  There were a lot of aftermarket nose panels available but I did not like the looks of any of them, with a couple of exceptions.  Abflug and Bomex made nose panels (NP) with similar cuts that inspired me.  My NP looks better and it cost a third of what Abflug charged, if you can even find one.  KingZ came out with a nose panel that looked a lot like mine. 

The NP is the  rectangular piece between the headlights. Here is my old NP (a little crooked) with the hamburger emblem removed and filled, i.e. same as a '90 panel.  My entire car is badgeless. 

Also, I had the stock grey strip between the fog lights painted red to match the rest of the car.  In 1995, Nissan got rid of the grey strip between the foglights on all z32's and painted the entire front fascia the same color as the rest of the car.  So painting in the strip "updates" the car's appearance.

This Nissan "hamburger" emblem sits in the middle of any '91+ NP.  The '90 panels are bare and thicker. 


A metal bracket started appearing under the nose panels at the same time when the driver's side airbag became an option in '91.  Driver's side airbags became standard in 1992, passenger airbags in 1994.  These later NP's with the metal bracket underneath are thinner and not as heavy.  

After analyzing both types of nose panels, my theory is that the bracket was added to reinforce the front crumple zone of the car, so the airbags did not go off too easily in a low-speed, frontal impact.   Nissan's name for the airbags is the Supplemental Restraint System, or SRS. 

This extra protection from frontal impact made sense, particularly when I noticed the location of the center and right crash zone sensors for the SRS.  The bracket is adding strength to the front frame of the car.  The NP's with the metal brackets are lighter and thinner since they have the structural support of the metal bracket underneath.        

Here is the underside of a '91+  NP, top is front. Most of the metal bracket is hidden when the NP is installed in the car.  

The recess in the center of the NP under the bracket is for the hamburger emblem.

To remove the NP, open the hood.  The only bolts that need to be removed are shown above, circled in blue, and yellow if a metal bracket is present.  The front (top) of the metal bracket is bolted to the NP, but not to the car.  After the bolts are removed, the NP should easily lift up, back and out of the car.

The front edge of the NP has four holes that sit over studs attached to the car body. The original grommets will be old and cracked, and can cause the NP to rattle. 


Buy four rubber grommets, soak them in silicone spray and put them in the holes.  That is a new grommet next to my finger.

I customized my nose panel by removing the metal bracket, and making two little marks where I wanted cuts.  I left the rest to my my friendly neighborhood body guy.  He charged me about $100, including paint.   

I am not claiming that this slit makes the nose panel "functional" as an air scoop.  The air does not enter the engine compartment but does go over the top of the radiator. 

I changed the NP for looks and style, not functionality.

IMHO, a horizontal slat is the only type of cut that looks good on a Z NP.  The vertical slats and double cuts seen on other NP's are too busy, and detract from the low, flat, stacked horizontal "pancake" look the Z has going. 

Here are a couple of other angles -

with style design lines

with clear corners

If my assumptions were correct, then in theory this mod does increase the risk of airbag deployment at a lower speed during frontal impact, since I removed the metal bracket under the NP.  The way I counter that is by trying to not hit anything, lol.  I have been driving my car like this for years without issue.  And I love the way this subtle body mod makes the front of the car appear more aggressive.  As with all mods on this site, do so at your own risk.